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We frequently have clients that are wondering about purchasing a digital radon detector. There are a few options available:

· Safety Siren

· Air Things (Corentium)

· Radon Eye

I would offer, that in our experience, the above detectors all provide reliable average radon levels. Where they differ is in the level of sophistication of data presentation, time to deliver an initial radon reading, and temporal discretization of data. The price points of the units reflect this capacity.

There are some key questions to consider:

1) Do you need hourly or daily radon levels?

2) Do you need a digital radon detector at all?

It is important to know that Health Canada has not approved digital radon detectors and recommends that radon mitigation decisions be based on radon levels from approved devices. Approved devices are all “black box”. They are deployed then analyzed 91 days later. There is no digital display.

Radon levels will go up and down. Some of our clients find this to be a source of anxiety. What matters is the long-term average radon level, not the hourly ups and downs. If constantly looking at the digital display is likely to cause you stress, a digital detector may not be a good choice.

One benefit of the digital detectors is the ability to pass them along to friends or family. The key take-away here are that everyone should test their home for radon and that it is the long-term average radon level that matters. We would suggest using a Health Canada approved device, but there are some good digital (non-Health Canada approved) options for testing if the price and potential stress makes sense for you.

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