While every radon situation is different, we have attempted to provide some general cost guidelines.  Professional-level radon assessment and design probably costs less than you think.  Contact us to discuss your options.


We use  C-NRPP approved radon measurement devices.  These devices are capable of short-term (48 hr) and long-term (up to 1 year) radon testing.  Within 50 Km of Guelph, ON, testing is $100 + HST.  

The fee includes:

  • Two site visits (deploy and retrieve device).

  • Analysis of the device.

  • Analytical report.

  • Letter report documenting the sampling, interpreting the results and providing a recommendation concerning mitigation.

Design and Installation

The diagnostic investigation, design, and installation of a typical sub-slab depressurization system range between $1,800 and $2,200 + HST. 

Some situations, such as a crawl space mitigation, are more challenging and will likely represent a higher cost.

We know our clients need clarity in pricing and not a range of potential costs.  Following a site visit, we will provide a detailed proposal and cost estimate.  Our objective is to provide cost-effective solutions to mitigate radon exposure.